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Hey, We’re Katja & Gabriel, …IMG_3063
… a mixed German and Brazilian love couple, whose path together started many years ago in Spain. Since then we’ve been on our journey exploring ourselves, life, love, and what’s happiness about.

We’re always surprised how our different cultural backgrounds make us see the same things in totally different ways. And then, at the same time, we’re having identical questions and are struggling with similar issues.

Leaving our comfort zone is challenging us to become more vulnerable, letting go of expectations, paradigms, our conditioning from the past. It opens up our hearts little by little for the endless possibilities and opportunities that are always out there but oftentimes so hard to see and take.

Recently, we exchanged our Corporate jobs in Florida for a One-Way-Ticket to Bali – and are still shocked and excited about this step 🙂

So nice to have you here on our blog!
We want to share with you our story – our travels, our thoughts, our feelings. Inspire yourself, to be brave, to listen to your questions, and go your own unique way.

StoryHeart + Live Love Laugh

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