I (Don’t) Like You – What You Should Know When Judging Others

Typical situation: You are sitting somewhere, let’s say in a café and somebody new is coming in. Regardless of whether that person talks to you or not, immediately you are judging her.
Your brain scans her appearance, behavior, the way she talks and within seconds you decide if you like her or not.

What does this tell about you?

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I Sacrifice For You, My Love

You bring meaning to my life”. „Without you my life is only half as beautiful.” „You complete me“.
All sentences that sound quite romantic, don’t they?
You have probably already heard them in movies or in your own life. It is the moment you catch yourself sighing … mmmmhhh “love” is so sweet, isn’t it?
But are those sentences really what you want to hear in your relationships?

Looking at it more closely brings the following thoughts to my mind:

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Love With An Open Hand

Let’s talk about love. Gabriel and I have experienced many challenges in our relationship throughout the years which we want to share with you little by little on our blog. We deeply feel that each challenge holds tremendous potential for growth – both individually and as a couple – and we all can learn so much from each other.
Something that really made our relationship change was the Moment we chose we want to “love with an open hand”.

So, what does it exactly mean?

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