I (Don’t) Like You – What You Should Know When Judging Others

Typical situation: You are sitting somewhere, let’s say in a café and somebody new is coming in. Regardless of whether that person talks to you or not, immediately you are judging her.
Your brain scans her appearance, behavior, the way she talks and within seconds you decide if you like her or not.

What does this tell about you?

Judgement is always linked to the past.

Judgment is always linked to the past. Without the past you wouldn’t even be able to judge because you wouldn’t have any point of reference. Therefore, whatever image you create around a person that you just met tells a lot about you and the experiences you have made so far. Maybe the person reminds you of somebody you like. Her face might look like that of your sister who you love very much. Or, the way she talks is similar to your boss who you believe is an arrogant idiot.

It is an interesting exercise to just observe how your mind is judging other people. It makes you learn a lot about yourself.

  • Why am I reacting like I do?
  • Can I identify any pattern in the way I read people?
  • Do I often perceive others as beautiful, arrogant, nice, not nice, rude?

What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself.

What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself. If you see beauty in others, you see beauty in yourself and around you. If you see anger, you cultivate anger within yourself.
People you meet are always your mirror. They just are and it is you who is projecting. Fear, love, doubts, insecurities, kindness, patience, confusion.

Take the mirror as a learning device.

  • Observe.
  • Feel.
  • Ask yourself questions.

What you want to see you get.

Isn’t it common to say that normally the first impression is correct?
That is because you get what you want to see. Another person is likely to react exactly the way you expect her to react. I knew she is rude. I knew she is nice. Same person, different perceptions.

You want to know how you see the world? Observe how you judge others.

love, smiles & sunshine


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