Love With An Open Hand

Let’s talk about love. Gabriel and I have experienced many challenges in our relationship throughout the years which we want to share with you little by little on our blog. We deeply feel that each challenge holds tremendous potential for growth – both individually and as a couple – and we all can learn so much from each other.
Something that really made our relationship change was the Moment we chose we want to “love with an open hand”.

So, what does it exactly mean?

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You Don’t Have To

Gabe and I are discussing a lot about freedom since we started our new journey. During our time living in the United States, we had seen many signs talking about “Defending Our Freedom”.
But does true freedom really have to be defended? Is this not a paradox in itself?

You can debate this topic over and over – reflecting it from many different angles – but today we want to remind you about something you already know deep down inside:

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Where Expectations End And Magic Happens

We are sitting in Bali analyzing together how we got here from Germany.
Have you ever tried to let go of your expectations because you have painfully noticed that there is a high probability that your expectations are actually leading to disappointments?
To start off our journey, Gabe and I really promised each other to work on letting go of expectations. Mistakenly, lots of people confuse not having expectations with not being allowed to have any wishes or desires.

Is this true?

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