About LLLProject

LLLProject is our new project that we’re on for the next weeks, months, years – the exact period of time only the Universe knows.

For the last 3 years, we have been living in Florida, climbing up the Corporate Ladder. Until, at the end of 2015, our Wedding Celebrations on the incredibly beautiful island of Morro de São Paulo in Brazil took place and turned everything – including us – upside down.

Due to many crazy ‘catastrophes’ (ruptured appendix, wedding location got cancelled last minute, wedding dress disaster…), we were forced to let go of our plans and expectations over and over again. Instead of – as usual – freaking out when noticing the loss of control, something magical happened.

We felt a complete trust in the Unknown.

We knew everything would work out if we just stay calm, breathe, and go with what intuitively feels good. Our theme for the wedding ‘Live. Love. Laugh.‘ became our mantra. And actually, everything magically aligned. Things got possible that we hadn’t even thought nor dreamt of beforehand.

This intense experience woke us up. More and more, we wanted to practice to let go of fixed images ‘how things should be’.

We felt that the time had come to quit our jobs in Florida. Not because we didn’t feel comfortable there anymore but because the calling for new adventures and the question ‘what else does the Universe hold for us’ got louder.

What is LIFE about – Are there different ways of working than we got to know so far? Do ‘to work’ and ‘to live’ really need to be two separate things? How can we live the Moment? And not get crazy thinking about past and future?

What is LOVE about – What does unconditional love mean? How can we free ourselves from our expectations? And not be dominated by our fears?

What is HAPPINESS about – What makes us truly happy? How can we take life more lightly? What are we passionate about?

So many questions we didn’t want to ignore anymore. Disruption was needed. We bought a One-Way-Ticket to Bali. Wanting to see how life can manifest itself in totally different ways than we have experienced so far.

Entering the Unknown is scary and exciting at the same time.

Come with us! Start to listen to your inner questions – maybe they are quite similar to ours? Let’s discuss Life, Love, and Happiness together!

We want to share with you our experiences, thoughts, and tips. Encourage you to discover your dreams, to be brave, to be true to yourself – Because in the end we’re all here on this beautiful Earth not to be “PERFECT” but to be REAL.


Heart + Live Love Laugh

8 thoughts on “About LLLProject”

  1. Perfeito Katinha
    Viver a vida como ela se apresenta!
    Grande sacada.
    Uma experiência que vale a pena ser compartilhada e estarei acompanhando.
    Desejo muitas felicidades!
    Beijos! ?

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