When You Hide, Miracles Have A Hard Time To Happen

Gabriel and I are reading a book. It is called “A Course In Miracles”. Have you heard of it? One sentence in this book says: “Miracles are supposed to happen.” Miracles are normal. They are everywhere and always.
When I reflect on our life and especially on the past months I can see miracles all around. The flight tickets that aligned. The accommodations we found. The people we met. The help we received. The conversations we shared. The inspirations we got. So many miracles.

So, why do you sometimes notice miracles everywhere and sometimes it seems as if they were on vacation?

It all depends on how you look at things. And, on how you look at yourself. Are you being your true authentic self? Are you increasingly integrating things into your daily life that you enjoy? Are you speaking and sharing your truth and beauty?

Frequently we struggle with exactly this.

I observed that when we create something that comes from an authentic place within us we have a hard time sharing it. Do you know what this is in your case?
For me for example it is my writings, for Gabriel his videos.
It feels vulnerable, very raw, no masks. Which is actually something beautiful. But also incredibly scary.

And what do you normally want to do when things get scary?

Exactly, you try to hide. You do not put yourself out there. It might not be good enough, right? Somebody could laugh at it. Or dislike it. Or even worse, dislike you.

But oftentimes it is exactly the raw, authentic, vulnerable messages that people need to hear, read, see.
It is what helps us heal.

When you hide, miracles have a hard time to happen. Or better said, YOU have a hard time noticing them.

So, beautiful person, put yourself out there!
Share whatever comes from within, from your true self.
It can be anything! Paintings, music, writings, photos, recipes, love. It can be an experience you lived, a lesson you learnt, some words coming from your heart.
Share it with your friends, family, neighbors, strangers, in a conversation, on Facebook, on a Blog, on Youtube.

It might inspire, help somebody, make someone not feel alone, give joy.

When you share you have.

Stop hiding!

Let miracles happen.

And yourself heal.



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