You Don’t Have To

Gabe and I are discussing a lot about freedom since we started our new journey. During our time living in the United States, we had seen many signs talking about “Defending Our Freedom”.
But does true freedom really have to be defended? Is this not a paradox in itself?

You can debate this topic over and over – reflecting it from many different angles – but today we want to remind you about something you already know deep down inside:

Everybody has an inner freedom that does not have to be defended.

It rather needs to be rediscovered by yourself. Once you are reconnected to it, nobody can either attack it or take it away from you.

We have the feeling we all forget about this truth throughout the years.

Why do you forget?

By many different external sources you get constantly told that and what “YOU HAVE TO”.

It all starts off with your parents telling you that “you have to” do certain things.

  • “You have to eat in a certain way, at a certain time”,
  • “You have to behave in a certain way”,
  • “You have to give a kiss to certain people”,
  • “You have to visit Grandma”.

Growing up, you get into various institutions like Kinder Garden, School, University also telling you that and what “you have to”.

  • “You have to apologize to XY”,
  • “You have to do homework”,
  • “You have to read book XY”,
  • “You have to study theory XY”.

So many different people, different places, different organizations, different XY telling you what “you have to” that in the end the strongest source of all that tries to convince you that “you have to” becomes you yourself.

An that is where confusion starts.
External messages of what “you have to” are sometimes (or oftentimes) not aligned with what you truly feel inside.

Maybe the society you currently live in is telling you

  • “You have to be tough and not show emotions publicly”,
  • “You have to get an University degree to be successful”,
  • “You have to compete with others to get somewhere”.

But all you feel inside is

  • “I want to show and share how I truly feel”,
  • “I want to travel and experience other cultures”,
  • “I want to connect with and help other people”.

Our message to you is: “You DON’T have to”. Everything you do in your life is a choice.  YOUR choice! YOU ARE FREE!

Start to ask yourself where the voices come from which constantly try to tell you that “you have to”.
Go to a silent place, ask yourself for guidance, connect to your inner feeling, your intuition, your inner voice.
It might not be as loud as the external voices.
But, it is always there whispering what you truly, truly WANT to do, to create, to be.

Nobody else but YOU can know.

Listen, and don’t be afraid of what you might be hearing.

You don’t have to.


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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To”

  1. Lovelies, I am reading every single word and love your messages, so timely and clearly from your hearts. Your voice is lively and refreshing…just like the two of you!!! Keep ’em coming, xoxoxo, Alandra

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Alandra! Reading your comment fills our hearts with joy! We’re sending much love your way xoxoxoxoxoxo, Katja&Gabriel

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